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Overcoming The Family History Obstacles

Challenges to do Family History are abundant:

• There is no way I can Hire a professional
• Because I can’t do it myself, I feel Embarrassed
• This “ancestor” stuff is not just for me yet they Need to be found
• I am so Confused with all the information on the Internet
• Foreign languages are beyond me, I feel Disheartened
• I always manage to locate the Wrong Information
• I can’t get this research done fast enough and I am so Frustrated
• I never have the time to do this research, I under so much Stress
• Seems that I am the only one interested in getting this research done

Timeless Genealogies is aware of each one of the above reasons and is able to help you overcome all of them so that you are able to get your Family History completed.



 Find your ancestors through a Family Organization:

1.  We can work with an organization that is already set up or assist in setting one up for you.
2.  Create a list of immediate family members, cousins, aunts, uncles, any one in your family.
3.  We will create a special letter and follow up with a phone call to explain to anyone in your family how participating will allow this research to go forward.  We can provide individual monthly or quarterly billing notices and track these payments for your organization.
4.  Once 50% of the research monies are received, we will begin the research on your family.   
5.  We will provide you with a completed project for you and your family members once all monies are received the research has been conducted.

Don ?t let any of the above reasons prevent you from successfully completing your Family History !

Email us at for a price quote according to your needs.


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