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Yale: The Yale family or The descendants of David Yale: with genealogical notices of each family ; Yale, Elihu; New Haven, CT; 1850; Pages: 202

Y15B         Y15
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Yale: Yale Genealogy and History of Wales. The British Kings and Princes; Life of Owen Glyndwr; Biographaphies of Governor Elihu Yale to Whom Yale Univ….. ; Yale, Rodney H.; Beatrice, NE; 1908; Pages: 705

Y4B           Y4
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Yandes: Daniel Yandes and his Family. Pioneers from Pennsylvania to Indiana, 1818 ; Robinson, Annabelle; Crawfordville, IN; 1936; Pages: 298

Y6B           Y6
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Yardley: Genealogy of the Yardley Family 1402-1881 ; Yardley, Thomas W.; Philadelphia, PA; 1881; Pages: 266

Y12B         Y12
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Yarker: Genealogy of the Surname Yarker with the Leyburn and Several Alled Families Resident in the Counties of Yorkshire, Durham, Westmoreland, and Lancashire, Including all of the name in Cumberland, Canada, America, and Middlesex; Yarker, John B.; Manchester, England; 1882; Pages: 50

Y3106B    Y3106
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Yates: William Yates and His Descendants… ; Yates, Edgar; Old Orchard, ME; 1906; Pages: 66

Y1B           Y1
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Yeager: A Brief History of the Yeager, Buffington, Creighton, Jacobs, Lemon, Hoffman, and Woodside…. ; Yeager, James; Lewistown, PA; 1912; Pages: 282

Y13B         Y13
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Yeamans: The Yeamans-Yeomans-Youmans Genealogy ; Youmans, Grant S; Rutland, VT; 1946; Pages: 128

Y2B           Y2
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Yeardley: Sir George Yeardley, or Yardley, Governor and Captain General of Virginia and Temperance….. ; Upshur, Thomas T.; Nassawaddox, VA; 1896; Pages: 38

Y5B           Y5
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Yeatman: The Yeatmans in America ; Yeatman, W. C.; Los Angeles, CA; 1933; Pages: 28

Y3125B    Y3125
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Yerkes: Chronicle of the Yerkes Family with notes on the Leech and Rutter Families ; Leach, Josiah Granville; Philadelphia, PA; 1904; Pages: 394

Y7B           Y7
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Yingling: The Yingling Genealogy ; Rahn, Claude Jerome; Vero Beach, Fla; 1958; Pages: 250

Y3126B    Y3126
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Yoder: A Brief Record of Four Pioneer Families of St Joseph County, Indiana: Yode, Webster, Swaim, Hunt ; Yoder, Charles; South Bend, IN; 1958; Pages: 72

Y3101B    Y3101
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Young: Fragmentary Records of the Youngs, Comprising, in Addition to Much General Information Respecting Them, a Particular and Extended Account of the Posterity on Ninian Young an Early Resident of East Fallowfield Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania; Young, Gilbert I; Philadelphia, PA; 1869; Pages: 118

Y14B         Y14
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Young: Rev. Christopher Yonges and Pastor John Youngs: Thomas Youngs of Oyster Bay and His Descendants: the 250th Anniversary of Pastor Youngs' Settlement ; Young, Daniel Kelsey; Oyster Bay; 1890; Pages: 144

Y3115B Y3115
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Young: A Genealogical Account of the Descendants of James Young, Merchant Burgess of Aberdeen, and Rachel Cruickshank, his Wife, 1697-1893… ; Johnston, William; Aberdeen, Scotland; 1894; Pages: 272

Y9B     Y9
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Young: Youngs Family. Vicar Christopher Yonges His Ancestors in England and His Descendants in America. A History and Genealogy ; Youngs Jr., Selah; New York, NY; 1907; Pages: 496

Y3B           Y3
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Young: The Young Family of Bristol ; Young, Walter Jorgesen; Fredericksburg, VA; 1937; Pages: 74

Y3129B    Y3129
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Youngblood: Southern Indiana Youngbloods, their Ancestors and Descendants ; Lant, Gloria Kay Freels; Evansville, IN; 1968; Pages: 642

Y3118B    Y3118
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Yount: A Brief Sketch of the Origin of the Yount Family in America ; Yount, W. C.; Alliance, OH; 1936; Pages: 20

Y10B         Y10
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