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Professional Research

Actual Research: Success is usually measured by results; however, in genealogy success is using correct methodologies, research techniques combined with experience. There is no guarantee of results even with the best researcher, however, a researcher will determine the best approach, which records exist and analyze all the information resulting in valid and sound recommendations for further successful research.  TG has 30 years of experience and will provide the best possible positive experience.

Research Structure:  Each line contains one (1) family surname called a pedigree line.  Each research project will focus on one family surname at a time, of course if multiple families are in the same area, it can be expanded to include those family surnames in that locality. 



The Research Project


  • Project Request: Detailed instructions of research to be conducted.
  • Data Input & Sifting: Analyzing your current documents and research and entering them into a genealogical software program.  Documents, Photos, audio and video can be added to your digital genealogical database.
  • Summary Sheet:  An outline of objectives, results and future recommendations.
  • Research Calendar: A listing of all sources searched with proper citations
  • Documents: Copies of all documents attained from the research. These can be added to your electronic database.
  • Correspondence: Initiated as needed to attain further documentation such as birth certificates, wills, etc.
  • Electronic format/gedcom: All data is entered and stored on a sever as well as providing you with a copy burned to a CD.
  • Paper Copies:  All pedigree charts and family group sheets are printed and compiled with the documentation.
  • For LDS Clients: Printer FOR with report and/or Temple Cards with Report
  • Finished Project: All the above put in a folder or binder either delivered in person or mailed with the invoice.


Cost of Research Project: With 30 years of experience is this field, we have noticed that for a project to be successful it needs a minimum of 10 to 20 hours to include all of the above. At $65 per hour, a typical project can cost as much as $1300.



Additional Types of Professional Research


CustomSearch: Customize your search with our experts. Each level of research is at our standard rate of $65 per hour.


·         Specific Searches: This does not include all of the above items in a standard project; you would only receive the research performed, documents and the matching calendar. You can suggest a search of specific items only.

o   Minimum cost is $350 

o   Additional customized searches available at various costs.


Looking for a Live Descendant? Are you the only one left in your family? Trying to locate living relatives, we can help and/or guide you.


Payment: There are a number of options to pay for your research.  In order to begin a research project, we need at least 50% of the cost up front, this begins the research process, and upon receipt of the remaining 50% the project will be delivered or mailed to you.  We can set up a monthly plan or we accept most credit cards, checks and money orders.  TG wants anyone to be able to afford research by experts!


Religious Family History Corporation (RFH):  Timeless Genealogies is affiliated with RFH, a public charity registered with the IRS.  Checks sent to us written to RFH Corp. can be tax deductible.  If you are interested in this service, please let us know.

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