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Consulting Services

·         Personal Consulting: By phone, online or in person.  Working with you on your family history at your choice of location.


·         Analytical: Bring your documents and information to us or email to us, we will review what you have and provide you with guidance as to the best way to proceed with your research.  Our extensive experience allows us to locate information not as well known that can often times assist to overcome brick walls in your research.


·         Repositories: There are many repositories throughout the world, knowing where they are and what is there is a great asset in conducting research.  Let us share that knowledge with you.


·        Hiring a Professional: This can be the better choice…let’s look over the situation.


·         Side by Side: Wish a one on one with one of us at the Family History Library or at the Midwest Genealogical Center with specific questions, we will work with you.



Minimum:  2 hours @ $60 an hour

Email us at for a price quote according to your needs.

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